Friday, 9 November 2018

Running Wild by Michael Morporgo

Will is a little boy who went to visit his grandparents on their tiny farm in the countryside. When Will and his mother arrive at their grandparents house they become heartbroken as they realise that their father had died in a devastating bombing in Iraq, as he was a soldier in the army. Will then became extremely sad and miserable. Caringly his grandparents decided to send him and his mum to Indonesia for a holiday to get a break from all the sadness that had surrounded them in that time. They arrived in Indonesia and decided to go to the beach. Will unquestionably wanted to ride the Elephants that he saw on the brochure while he was bored on the flight. Will gets on the Elephant and starts exploring the beach when… By Haley 

While Will is riding an elephant his mum goes for a swim on the beach. Suddenly a tsunami thunders onto the beach drowning everyone and everything in its path, however Oona (the elephant Will is riding) could sense the tsunami hours before and had been acting strange all day. When the tsunami came Oona ran into the jungle minutes before it struck the to escape. But even after the tsunami is gone Oona keeps running deeper and deeper into the jungle with Will stuck to Oona’s back for what feels like hours. 
By Max

Will is with Oona running away from the tsunami. They’ve run deeper into the forest. It feels like hours. Will starts to feel hungry. While they are running they encounter a tiger that thinks he has found its prey. The tiger starts to encircle them getting closer and closer.Will is getting restless and scared because he knows that he is trapped up there and if anything happens to Oona he will also be prey. To protect Will, Oona makes a loud trumpet noise to scare off the tiger. The tiger knows now that Oona is more powerful than itself and if it tried to attack, then it wouldn’t be a nice ending for itself. So it then retreats back into the trees’ shadows. Scared Oona and Will continue their walk in the forest. 
A little after that, Oona finds some scrumptious berries for them to eat. 
By Aditya 

Will gets lost in the forest and is separated from Oona. while Will is alone in the forest alone he finds a group of orangutans and decides to stay with them. While Will is staying with the orangutans he gets captured by a person called Mr. Anthony. Mr Anthony is a poacher that kills orangutans and other animals. Mr Anthony puts Will and the orangutans in a cold, metal claustrophobic cage. After a couple of days there's is a chef called Kaya. Kaya gave Will lots of good food to eat and good water to drink that Kaya made and gave to Will. Will was happy he was finally able to eat and drink after a long time. After several days, with Kaya's help, Will and the oragutans are able to escape. 
                                                                                    By Tareeq

Will and the orangutans escape the cage and are hiding in the trees when they hear a trumpeting noise. It was Oona. Will and Oona are finally reunited. Mr Anthony saw the cage was empty so he set out to find Will and the orangutans instead of actually looking he lit the forest on fire. As Mr anthony lit the forest on fire to find Will, the Orangutans and Oona jumped off the tree next to Oona with the orangutans and ran for their lives. Will and the Orangutans and Oona were all scared out of there skin while they were trying to run away from the burning forest. The sky turned grey when the smoke was beginning to be unbearable to breathe. Then at last they made it out of the smokes reach. Will was wondering why the fire started could it of been Mr Anthony trying to find us When we escaped or it could of just been a coincidence. Then he found a place where there was orangutans living. 
By James

While they were running through the smoke, Will and Oona find themselves in a place where some of the orangutans are living. The Other One, the three little orangutans and their mum were there too . All the orangutans were kind and gentle even though he doesn’t know all of them. Although he was taken care of very well and was fed with fruits and water, he was very curious and worried why someone would start a fire like that and try to kill them. But after staying with the orangutans for a few weeks, Will begins to feel more and more sick and after a while he faints from all the sickness he has consumed. By Rishy

Will finds himself awake in an unfamiliar room. Will had become sick from living in the jungle and is found by Dr. Geraldine, who is an australian doctor living in Indonesia. Dr. Geraldine owns a refuge for orangutans and other endangered animals. She says that Will’s grandparents have called and were looking for Will. When his grandparents arrive, Will decides he wants to stay in Indonesia with Dr. Geraldine because he doesn’t want to go back to England. Will’s grandparents accept his decision and decide to stay in Indonesia with him and Oona gets to stay with him. By Zoe

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