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BFG Dream Jars

On the 13th September it was Roald Dahl day. To celebrate, Room 4 read a chapter from the BFG about the BFG's job of collecting dreams and placing them in labelled jars. As a class we brainstormed lots of ideas for possible dreams. Each student then wrote a label for their dream and illustrated their dream on the outside of the jar. 
Here is a selection of our dream labels and their illustrations. 

This is a rummytot dream about a time that you is stuk in the hospatal for a day. You is just laying there like a fat hippo dumpling, snorkling, earburstingly. Suddenly the telly-telly bunkum box switches on, and you sit up quickly as the doctor comes scuddling into your room. He is jabbeling on about you being in hospatal and needing an injekchin as soon as he bursts through the kertins. Wait. An injekchin?! He is saying that you have a jiggyraffe stuck inside your tum. All of the other chiddlers laff. The doctor holds up a hamplehammers needel in the air. You let out a scream, “YAAAAAY!” You is very exsited. The stuffs inside the injekchin  needel is delumptious frobscottle! You cheer as the doctor stabs you with needel. “Wakey, wakey!” Oh no… School!
By Alessandra

My dream starts when I wake up in my village house, getting awoken by the sound of dragons. I manage to get to the downstairs door without being spotted through the windows. When I open the door it's like a horror movie just you’re the one in it. Theirs Fireskins, Splitheads, Strongfeets and DeadlySpitters (they are some of the dragons that invade our village). I run avoiding the fearful firebolts that eat away at anything they touch. I sprint to Mat’s place to help with the blacksmithing. (well I say that but i'm actually trying to get the steel thrower). I quickly grab it and go to a quiet place in the village. I skim the sky and search for a Night fury (the strongest and quickest dragon there is) “There! I see it!” I flick the lever and the trap shoots out then, Rooaarr! The dragon goes down. Feeling good with pride I shimmy down to Mount Huckleberry to find the dreadful beast. I find myself in a channel of broken trees. Having shivers up my spine I sneak to the end and there, is the eye of the beast. I grab my dagger hoping to prove that i am a great dragon killer I go to stab it but something stops me. INstead of killing it I let it free. I give the dragon some of my lunch (which is salamon) And it seems to enjoy it. For some reason after a few visits it lets  me ride it (which was AWESOME!) and i decide to go far away from that dreadful dragonslaying place and go find some ADVENTURE!
Slurp, slurp “urgh Lilly!”
By Giselle

This dream is about a kid that can move things with his eyes. At first I was sick in bed thinking about school. Suddenly I was very thirsty and wanted some water. The cup was right on top of the cupboard but me just can’t reach it. Staring hard at the cup me didn’t want to stand up to get it but me was really thirsty! Then the cup started wobbling. It started coming towards me and in a second it was in my hand. Then I decided to try it with a book, I still didn’t believe that a could move stuff with my eyes! The book also worked so I started to believe that it was true. Me scrambled out of bed, me wanted to tell the whole world that me could move things with my eyes. Walking to the government me wanted to do more of the strange magic so me made a ice-cream fly to me. Happily licking on my ice-cream I heard a distant calling noise. Listening hard I could hear “beeeeeep”and there I was, back I was in my bed.
By Dafu

This dream is about me waking up and seeing that I is the king of the world because I is wearing a large crown made entirely out of gold. First I is going to get a  humongos wrekingball and is going to destroy all schools without mercy. Then I is puting all the teechers and principals into jail. And then I is going to let all children play video games all day long and also building a humongous amusement parks so that children can play as well and be happy. And then I is going to Donald Trump and I is seeing him speeking hobsquash and I is putting him in jail as well. And then I is making all the parents relax and enjoy time without their children.  When I is having a walk in the park I is heering children and parents shouting out my name and thanking me. And when I is buying an expensive car, the shopkeeper gives it to me for free! And finally just as I is feeling good about myself my mum is yelling at me saying” Get up you lazy slob”
By Rishy

This dream is about when you wake up you is in a futuristic world and you see the most insane thing, the pickle puking out rainbows. You don't know what is happening but then your friend Bob (he’s a pickle) comes up to you and says “Hi, do you know about this place? You’re in the furturistic world 500 years ahead of time, also pickles took over”. Then Bob shows you to your house, it’s a huge marble house with black stained glass and its right next to the beach. Your friend Bob goes to his house and grabs a jetpack and launches into the sky. After him goes a rocket and then the pickle that keeps on puking rainbows. You want to have fun with him so you grab a jetpack and  flies after Bob. Your jetpack breaks and you start to fall. “BOB HELP” then the puking pickle replies, “Every Pickle for himself,” then he goes back to puking. The parachute comes out and you float down slowly. Bobs jetpack breaks and then he glides down slowly. He fixes his jetpack and your jetpack.. You go of to explore the world when you hear a noise that goes like BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP the you wake up and it's you alarm going off.
By Vanessa

This is a dream about the day I is waking up to discover I am the proud owner of a ginourmous emerald dragon. His name is Steve and he flies me around the world and takes me to awsome contries. It has a comfy seet which is very smooth so it won't hurt on very long flites. First I visit the USA and play at disneyland then at nite time I is in the Empire State Building looking at the wonderful view of New York City. Next I is in Paris, on top of the eiffel tower.
Then I discover that my pet emerald dragon is actually the king of all dragons and so he invites all his other dragons to come with us and we take all my friends with us. We all decided to UAE (united arab emirates) first we went to Dubai to see the tallest building in the world burg kalifa. Next we went to abu dabi to go to ferrari world and ride the fastest roller coaster in the world and see all the cool stuff.    But suddenly I feel my mum shaking me like a stampede of elefants. “I’m awake i’m awake” I is saying.  
By Siraj

This is a dream when I is going to go all the way to the top of the sky tawer and  when I get to the top I is looking down at all the human beans and then I can hear musik a human bean harness me up and then I is happy. I start to get reedy to jump. I goes around to see were the red dot is and then I jump. Wow I can feel the breeze going through my face. When I reech the end I goes through it and then, AHHHHH I is falling from the sky. I bounce on the red dot again and then it happens again and again and again It keeps on going and then on the last I felt like i is going to die. I goes to hold onto the elecrik wire and then I reech the stairs where I came from. That was so fun but a little bit scary. I goes onto the elevater and then presses a button to go down. I is looking down and seeing all the human beans going away they are even eating ice cream. Now I can hear the musik getting louder and louder. When we reech the bottom I come out of the elevater and ding! The door opens however the ding keeps on going. So I open my eyes and it was my alarm clock..
By Prianka

The dream is about me as smartee pants. When i is reached school I got a math test and I is finished in a minit. Then i got a reading test and i is got is quick A+ without reading the story. Then it is time for chemistry class I is mixed red die with green die to make brown die. Later that day i is sitting in the canteen eating my lunch until 5 boys came and sat next to me and they talked to me saying how I’m so smart and how they want to be just like me.  I told them that After that i learned what hair is made of, so i cut off some of my hair and send it to the lab to test if that informashan about how hair is made is true. so the next day I went to mathes class and kids started throwing money at me asking me to help teach them. Soon everyone is passing their tests and the kids are cheering my name and they even wanted my autographs. Soon I is getting rich so then I went to the race cars shop and bought the mclaren pl gtr gold to show that I’m rich and drive it to sckool with roof down.  
Beep Beep Beep” my alarm clock went off "oh sugery ding dongs I’m late for school."
By Arsh

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