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The Potato thieves

The Potato Thieves

Long ago before the sun threw his beams of light among the earth New Zealand was a dark place. In a small town not too far out off the border of Wanaka, lived seven demigods. Their names were Kihu paraoa,  Matariki, Kumara, Parareka, Pakura, Pikara and Pinata. The seven demigods believed they were all stronger than each other so they were always fighting amongst themselves. Their father, the god of vegetation, Haumia-tiketike, was the strongest god of them all. He laughed at his daughter's antics, but despite their behavior he loved them so very much that it broke his heart when they challenged each other.

The one thing that the sisters desired more than anything was a special potato, grown in their fathers personal garden.  The potato’s capabilities were legendary and were said to give the owner incredible strength and unrivalled powers over their enemies. To stop others from getting their hands on the potato, their father had hidden it at the top of the north island, in Paihia. Deciding that it would be the ultimate challenge, the 7 sisters would have to travel from Queenstown to Christchurch, through the sea to Wellington, from there to Auckland and then to Paihia. The fastest and most athletic sister would be able to eat the potato and gain the strength of the gods. But it wasn’t going to be that easy. At the end the demigod that reached it first would have to prove themselves worthy of the skill of the potato, by defeating the god of vegetation. The potential winner of this competition would then be able to rule over the world and have ultimate power.

The next day the seven sisters set out on their journey, choosing to take different paths towards the marae where the potato lay. Kumara climbed through the mountains. Pakura flew over the clouds. While Matariki walked the path through the forest. When Kihu paraoa met the seashore she took a waka across to the other  side. While Pakura swam to the north island and Pinata made a little canoe out of flax and made a paddle to row with.

When the first sister, Matariki, arrived at the marae she couldn’t see her father anywhere. Instead she decided to skip the fight and simply steal the potato. Hiding in a nearby cave, she cooked the potato over a fire pit, but this was the wrong decision. The oil dripped off the potato and landed on a nearby plant. Hungrily she bit into the potato and stepped out into the sun. Later that day all the demigods arrived at the marae to find out what their sister had done. They were mad and ashamed of her.
The sisters yelled at her in disgust. Matariki just laughed at her siblings and tried to punch Pakura. A large batte broke out amongst the sisters.

Haumia-tiketike heard about the fight and quickly stepped in to stop it. Their father defeated Matariki and held her on the ground so that she couldn’t escape. He called to his friends, Ranginui the sky father and Tawhirimatea, the god of storms to help him to get rid of his annoying daughters once and for all.  Promising his daughter powers and wealth, he convinced his daughters to leave Earth forever. With his friends help, Haumia-tiketike created a large rainbow and shot the sisters high into space. Deceived by their father, the sisters spend their nights glaring down at Earth.

Finally rid of his daughters, Haumia-tiketike was able to collect the special potatoes oil from the plant and use it to create an endless supply of potatoes and kumara here on Earth.  The Gods decided to name the sisters in space after Matariki because she was the one who stole the potato and cooked it. Now every year we see the sisters of Matariki and are reminded to respect others.

By Racheal, Dylan-paige, Naiyah, Vanessa & Lisa

A great example of collaborative writing girls. Your narrative is well structured and includes lots of interesting vocabulary.  I like how you have included lots of traditional details to make it sound like an authentic maori myth. Miss Richardson

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