Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Bees Belief

Image result for bee THE BEES BELIEF !

Out in space, there was a gloomy moon, with a whanau of fuzzy bees. The family included a Mama and 6 girls. While being incredibly bored, they thought about what to do. Time past and they were still lazily sitting around on the moon, eating moon chips.

Eventually, they decided to explore and fly around the deep galaxy. Buzzing about, in front of them, they spotted a bright, beady eye. Suddenly, they stopped. In a split second, it disappeared! The bees quickly glanced at each other before the daughters began asking their Mama where the eye went. POOF! They all turned around, cautiously.  

“What are you doing in my territory?” a great bellow came from a black cave.
“Uhh… nothing? We were just going for a family fly around,” replied the Mama. All of the female bees were gathered behind their mother,  their lips trembling .
“Who...Who are you?” stuttered one of the little bees.
“Oh, where are my manners? I’m Whetu the Taniwha. Now get out!” Whetu shouted, furiously.

Before the bees knew what was coming, the Taniwha inhaled deeply. In a blink of an eye…  WHOOSH! A sudden gust of cold air blasted the bees. Floating in the centre of the galaxy, the whanau were petrified. Just then, they realised that they were FROZEN! Each bee was shining, they’d been turned into stars! A cruel chuckle came from the taniwha.

Cursed for the rest of eternity the bees occupy the night sky. The ice from Whetu never really melted, but every now and then their wings would loosen from the ice so they were able to fly around the world. Except for June and July when they bees would freeze back into their original positions and form the beautiful stars of Matariki!

People now recognise this celebration as Matariki. But the Bees remember it as The Bees Belief. Bees now look at the stars and remember the bravery of the whanau that lived on the moon.  

By Alessandra, Giselle, Isha, Reva and Sadiya

Fantastic collaborative writing girls. You have worked together to create a completely original narrative to explain Matariki. Great use of sentence starters and time connectives. Miss Richardson

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