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Tane and the seven stars

Tane and the seven stars

At the beginning of time, in a large clearing of the forest of birds there laid a powerful god named Tane. He had many extraordinary powers which gave him the strength to defeat anyone who dared to challenge him. As the God of the forest, Tane protected all living creatures, large and small that inhabited this beautiful green world. Unfortunately, he also had an evil brother, Whiro, that wanted to take over the world and be the only god to walk on the face of earth for eternity.

News reached Tane about Whiro plan. Tane knew he had to act fast to protect his beloved birds. After thinking for some time, he came up with a plan. Skilfully, he carved seven houses out of pounamu for the seven birds to safely live in. After days and days of hard, tiring work, the massive houses were complete. The houses were shiny like the green leaves of Tane’s tallest trees. Tane made a call to the seven birds that lived in the farthest corners of the forest, the Pukeko, Tui, Ruru, Kotare, Weka, Takapu, and Kiwi all answered his call. Each taking a place in one of his seven houses.

Soon the footsteps of Whiro’s army reached Tane’s ears. The stories of destruction and ruin that Whiro had spread, caused Tane rethink his plan. Scared that he couldn’t protect his beloved birds he thought of another idea, but he would need his brother Tawhirimatea’s help. At first his brother didn’t want to help, but after Tane explained to Tawhirimatea about the threat to his beloved children and the attack that Whiro was planning, his brother reluctantly agreed to help. Summoning the winds, Tawhirimatea lifted the houses with a gentle wind. He carefully placed each house high into the sky out of Whiro’s reach. With each of the unique birds safely in space, Whiro realised that his attack was pointless and left Tane’s forest.  

Now the seven native birds carefully watch over the world. Every year between May and July we see the 7 stars of Matariki. These endangered birds will forever decorate our night sky reminding us to protect our environment and the beautiful creatures that inhabit our earth.

By Kyza, Max, Pascal and Rudra

Great effort boys, you have written an original narrative to explain Matariki. You have been able to include lots of interesting vocabulary and adjectives.  By using authentic maori names you have made your narrative sound like a traditional maori myth. Keep thinking about ways to work collaboratively so everyone in your group feels included. Miss Richardson

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