Monday, 30 July 2018

Tane and the seven Birds

Tane and the Seven birds

After the creation of the universe had completely settled, a blanket of darkness covered the world. Tane Mahuta and his brothers were sick and tired of the heavy darkness and being trapped between their parents. So Tane and his brothers pushed his father Ranginui up to the sky separating his parents. Afterwards, Tane Mahuta thought the sky was too empty so he lit up the sky with seven unique birds.
One year later the seven birds, the Bellbird, pango (Robin), pukeko, humaru (fantail), ruru (owl), kaka, kea became bored. They weren’t happy to just fly around in the sky, they wanted to be mischievous so they found a village nearby. Huddling together they thought of a cheeky plan to annoy the villagers. After a good nights sleep they started putting their plan into action. The first part was to steal eggs from the chickens and find a safe place to hide the eggs. Grinning they went to their nest and watched as the villagers discovered their eggs were missing. The seven birds laughed and laughed as the confused villagers looked everywhere for the eggs.  The next day the seven birds flew high into the sky and dropped the eggs that they had stolen onto the villager’s head, squawking with laughter as they went. This continued for many months.
News of the seven birds antics reached the ears of Tāwhirimātea. So one day when he was passing by he went to investigate. Tawhirimatea caught Tane’s birds red handed in the village. Tāwwhirimātea thought for a second and looked up at the sky. “I will teach these cheeky birds a lesson” he boomed.  Gathering his strong winds from the four corners he created a whirlwind that swooped down and caught the seven birds freezing them solid. With a flick of his wrist he sent them up into the sky where they would stay forever frozen in time.
So now Tane’s seven birds decorate the sky as a reminder to other birds and children not to get too cheeky. And this is our story of Matariki.
By Johaan, Arsh, Kyle, Dafu and Thevin
Well done boys, you have worked collaboratively to write a well structured narrative about Matariki. I like how you have used elements of existing myths to make your narrative sound authentic. Excellent use of sentence starters and interesting verbs.    Miss Richardson


  1. I like the action words and the adjectives they used.

  2. Great job guys, I liked the different use of sentence starters, maybe next time you could describe the characters a bit more. Well done!

  3. I really like how you used the word decorated and the narrative had a great storyline.