Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Matariki should be a public holiday

This was the start of Matariki. Matariki is a Maori new year celebration that happens when the stars of Matariki (Seven sisters) appear in the sky. After a discussion we have decided that Matariki should become a public holiday so that people can spend time together and learn about our unique Maori culture. Here is our persuasive texts to Mr Goff and Ms Ardern asking for their support.

11 Treeville Hill
Tāmaki Makaurau

Rāapa Tekau ma toru Pipiri

Dear Mr Goff,

Kia ora, my name is Alessandra Smith, a Year 5 student at Halsey Drive Primary School. As you know, Matariki is a celebration in the Maori culture. I thought as it’s coming up, I’d write you this letter asking you a favour about it. My class and I, believe that it’s unfair that people are forced to work on Matariki, as it’s a cultural celebration that relates to our nation, country and for some people, our culture. In saying this, I’m asking for Matariki to be made a public holiday.

Many, many people are working long hours these days. This means that families won’t have as much time to spend together. New Zealand has very few holidays that apply to everyone. For instance, some people are forced to work on Boxing Day, Christmas Eve and a few other National Holidays. Matariki should be a holiday where EVERYONE gets the day off. It would be a great opportunity for families to get together and celebrate. I agree that plenty of families are not having as much time together as others do. Not only will they be able to enjoy each other's company, but they’ll get the chance to watch the stars together. This way, people can relax and have a nice break with their entire family.

You may have noticed that a serious amount of New Zealanders don’t know about Matariki. I’ve heard that only 69% out of 1000 New Zealanders know about this Maori myth! By making another National Holiday for New Zealand, we can increase the amount of people that celebrate Matariki. I do admit that I don’t know a large amount of the Maori history myself. This is why we need more people to learn about our country’s history. It’s New Zealand’s responsibility to keep the Maori culture alive. The Maori citizens should get the opportunity to learn, teach, celebrate and watch Matariki. As an important person to New Zealand, you should agree that a large portion of our country are very in need of another holiday and a time to celebrate their culture.

Surely, you’ll be agreeing with me more and more as you read this letter. Not enough Kiwis know about Matariki, so making it a National Holiday would be a great chance to teach others about it. Families could also spend more time together. As an important role to New Zealand, you should help me do something about this, and make it a public holiday. We can start by organising free, public events in local areas. Please make others agree with me and take action. I’m sure that many others will help and be glad if we make this change. Thank you for your time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,
Alessandra Smith

P.S Also, if you make Matariki a holiday, it would be a day off! :)

Matariki should be a public holiday.

Have you ever wondered what Matariki is? If you know what Matariki is, have you ever seen it in the night sky before? Matariki is usually appears at the end of June when the new moon can be seen but the time always changes, when Matariki appears it means to the Maori culture that another year had passed. By then, the Maori reflect and make goals for the year ahead. They also remember the people that passed away. This is a magnificent day and it should be recognised by everyone in New Zealand as a public holiday and everyone can get a day off and look at the stars. Here is two main reasons why I think that Matariki should be a public holiday for everyone.

My first reason is so we can learn about astronomy by spending the night with your family with a telescope and looking at the stars. I have a challenge for you, see if you can spot Matariki in the night sky. Others might argue there will be one days wage lost but it will still be worth it by spending the time with your family. I believe that you might also go to a feast and the local Maori might teach you how to navigate using the stars. In fact how to navigate using the stars was nearly forgotten.

Secondly, Maori’s stories are unique just like any other country in the whole world. By celebrating Matariki there might be more and more people that want to learn about the Maori stories or myths. Some people might say that no one will pay the bill for the fireworks but I think the money should be from our tax. Also who wouldn’t want a day off school or work, well I would. Out of 1000 only 68% know about Matariki and more that knows about Chinese new year. I know that there is 9 public holidays but there is only three that is actually New Zealand holidays and 1 that is a argument between two tribes.

In conclusion I think that Matariki should be a public holiday because Maori’s stories are unique and people could learn more about Matariki. Please help us organise a public event to help us persuade the mayor that Matariki should be a public holiday. I know you are a hardworking man so you can do with a day off to spend with your family without worrying about anything.

By Dafu


  1. Fantastic messages and arguments! Very well written

  2. Fabulous writing Room 4! Some of you have used great sentence structure - excellent understanding of how to sequence a complex sentence. This makes your writing sound very sophisticated and quite grown-up.