Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Character Descriptions

W.A.L.T : Use a range of sentence starters

Esther’s Crafty World

Living amongst a pile of junk there lives an old lady named Esther. Soundlessly she rummages amongst mountains of trash like a mountaineer trying to climb Mt Everest. People have said that “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure” but  in this case it's a woman's treasure. Ester wears a woollen, lush beanie with a faded red pompom covering her white hair. Perched upon her red, round nose sits pink pair of glasses; there are no lenses in the glasses so she must be wearing it for fashion. Wrapped around her neck is a light faded purple scarf with a small vote badge on it. She wears a red coat over her brown t-shirt. Unlike everybody else’s clothes, hers are ragged and disheveled. Even though she lives in a penniless situation, she is still happy in her creative world.

By Sadiya & Tanisha  

The Junkyard Grandma

Living in a home of rubbish, Esther scurries through a mountain of ancient junk. She takes stuff people didn't find a use for and makes them her own. Although she's stranded in a junkyard that she calls her home, finding uses for things is Esther’s specialty. Unlike nice clothed grandmas, Esther’s clothes are aged and contaminated. She wears a ragged, leafy, old beanie with a faint red pom-pom on the top. Her glasses that sit on the top of her rudolphie nose are faded pink and have tape around the cracked parts. In fact, there's not even one piece of lenze in them! But Esther doesn't care, she has more on her mind like finding stuff to make her little tent-like home more like a family one.
Esther is a very grand grandma. It was her cool crazy ideas that got her one step further in life.

By Giselle :)

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  1. Well done Giselle, Sadiya & Tanisha. Your use of complex sentences and interesting sentence structure was really noticeable and made your writing sophisticated to read - a really impressive job!