Thursday, 8 March 2018

Who is smarter the Mouse or the Gruffalo?

This week in Room 4 we have been looking at character descriptions. We decided to write a description of the Mouse from the story of The Gruffalo. In the story he is a sneaky, crafty creature who outsmarts the animals of the woods. We were writing these for younger children who might have read the book already. Here are some examples of our descriptions...

#1 W.A.L.T: Use language appropriate to the purpose and audience
#2 W.A.L.T: use a range of interesting sentence starters
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The Scariest Animal in the Woods

Living in the deep dark woods, there lives a teeny, tiny mouse, who seems like any ordinary mouse. It was his pink, round ears and his soft brown fur that makes him look like all the other mice. He has very sharp hearing and can hear every little noise in the forest, so he can be ahead of all his predators. Even though he has sharp hearing he has to be alert all the time. Every animal thinks that he is a small, easy meal but no one knows that he is a very deceitful and mischievous mouse. He can outsmart all the animal in the forest with one of his plots. He can also think of an idea in a blink of an eye without any hesitation. He walks like a pro with a his pink, long tail slithering behind him like a snake catching his prey. Although he is the smallest animal in the deep,dark woods, his mind makes him the scariest creature in the deep, dark woods.
By Tanisha & Dafu

Great job Tanisha and Dafu, you have used lots of interesting adjectives that will suit the younger audience. Try to use the sentence starters so you have more variety.

The Mischievous Mouse description  

Living in the deep, dark wood, is a small, smart, little mouse. If you spot him tip toeing in the creepy woods, you would think that he’s a cute and innocent mouse. But, he is actually a quick thinking, brainy creature. While his feet are teeny and weak, his ears are as enormous as saucers. Unlike all of the other animals, he has a brain as huge as an elephant and as active as a computer. His tail is like a skinny worm that follows him wherever he goes. As he strolls through the forest, he meets animals along the, that want to eat him. But instead of falling for ther sneaky tricks, he outsmarts them. Though this mouse is as miniature as a pea, he is as clever as a mastermind! He is a little mischievous chocolate chip! All of the animals think that this mouse is the slyest creature in the deep dark wood.
By Alessandra and Reva

Well done Alessandra and Reva, you have used lots of interesting describing words and entertaining similes. Try to use the sentence starters to help you have more variety.

The Expert MasterMind

Living in the deep , dark woods there lived a  tiny , cheeky, sneaky , little mouse. All animals have said that he is small and puny but even the gruffalo is afraid of his clever schemes. Unlike his minuscule , mini feet he has ears as big as satellites. Even though his body is microscopic he has a brain like no other. While some animals think that he is fast food he is actually a quick thinking genius. While he strolls through the woods his tail is like a snake sweeping the floor. It was his duty to avoid his doom. After scaring of all the predators now he is the scariest of them all. Now the pocket sized mouse rules the whole forest.
By Tareeq and Prianka

I really liked the way you used so many interesting adjectives to help entertain your audience. Try to avoid repeated sentence starters.