Friday, 9 March 2018

Edmund Bear!

Congratulations to Kyza who received Edmund Bear last week for his amazing efforts in Writing. Well done Kyza, we are very proud of you! Here is some of the writing Kyza has been working on. 

Snowboarding Soohorang
Prologue The Beginning of the Day.
Soohorang was a white tiger with fur as white as the clouds, or as if it was a tiger that been painted by a couple of painters, using black and white. The black stripes were like the darkness of the sky in the night. As Soohorang jumped out of bed, (his white fluffy bed of course), he ran outside feeling so excited. He had been waiting for four years for this day to arrive. Soohorang grabbed his black snowboard with white straps and started to walk to the race. “Towards the elevator” he said to himself, walking to the top of the mountain that looked like it was painted by millions of men when they got lost.

Chapter One : The Beginning of the Journey

As Soohorang waited nervously at the top of the mountain for the snowboarding race to start, the other racers Bandabi and lots of Soohorang’s were also waiting. Soohorangs legs and hands were shaking nervously, like a powerful earthquake . Soohorang felt something loose and the race was about to start, it was his strap on the snowboard that held his feet tightly. Soohorang was extremely nervous , suddenly the race started and Soohorang bent down quickly to tighten his board.                                               

Chapter Two : Beginning of A disaster!

Quickly Soohorang started moving he had to catch up to the other racers. A couple of minutes later he did a 360 degree turn, jumped up and he was back in the race. Soohorang caught some speed, was catching up, he was nearly in front. He saw the racers coming together so close then Soohorang knew  that maybe they were going to crash this would be disaster!

Chapter Three : The Fateful Crash

Soohorang made his way slowing down so he wouldn't collide with the group, as they smashed into each other they went flying head first into the ground. Soohorang saw snow firing up into the air like water fountains or volcanos shooting lava from the impact of the collision, into the snowy depths.

Chapter Four : The Relieved tiger

As Soohorang made it to the end with some flips and 360's later he was relieved that he never crashed, instead he got thrown a first place trophy. He Was made champion of the year. As the crowds cheered louder than the last winter olympics he was very impressed with himself as all the people continued shouting his name“Soohorang!! Soohorang!! Soohorang!!”

Chapter Five: The end of the snowboard race

Bandabi and the other Soohorang’s were disappointed with themselves as they made their way to the finish line. They slipped and slided finally hopped on their snowboards and went down the tracks. “MEANWHILE”, Soohorang himself said “well that was a close one I might of crashed!” . Soohorang took his trophy and showed off putting his arms up in the air like he just didn’t care about the race anymore . He stood on tall golden podium with the 1st place sign on the front of it . The crowd was loud and throwing soft toys at Soohorang . The soft toys were Soohorang’s and Bandabi’s. He couldn’t of felt more prouder if he tried.

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  1. Great Job Kyza, I liked the range of adjectives you used. The part where you said,"
    Bandabi and the other Soohorang’s were disappointed".