Friday, 23 February 2018

The Three Kete

Last week for Reading Room 4 were reading the story 'The Three Kete' by Sue Gibbison. The story was about a boy returning to school after the holidays and on the first day the teacher told them the story of the three kete. The children had to work with a partner to create a newspaper article to retell the story. Here are a few examples. 


  1. I like how the newspaper came out but next time I would try to add more detail on the newspaper.

  2. Great Job Room 4!
    I like the way you guys interpreted other Newspaper companies names into yours. I also really like the way you guys added pictures and lots of information to help the reader understand the story better.
    Ka Rawe! - Samarah

  3. Nice newspaper articles.I like the way we tried to make it look like an actual newspaper.They turned out great.